A thank you to the foundations that contributed in third quarter 2021

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Santa Maria Community Services is pleased to announce that it has received seven grants supporting its programs and services during the third quarter of 2021.

The grants were awarded by CareSource Management Group Company, GE Foundation, Mariner Foundation Fund, Daniel and Susan Pfau Foundation, PNC Grow Up Great®, SC Ministry Foundation, and Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation for the following programs and services:

  1. CareSource Management Group Company awarded Santa Maria $5,000 for child safety, safe sleep, car seats, and Mothers’ Family Health Education as well as providing partial funding for AmeriCorps staff.
  2. GE Foundation awarded Santa Maria $400 as a matching gift for the total donations of Shawn Newman and Jose Atiles.
  3. Mariner Foundation Fund awarded Santa Maria $5,000 for general operating support via donor Cassie Bicknell.
  4. The Daniel and Susan Pfau Foundation (part of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation) awarded Santa Maria $30,000 for youth development.
  5. PNC Grow Up Great® awarded Santa Maria $30,000 for Supporting Preschoolers in Price Hill.
  6. SC Ministry Foundation awarded Santa Maria the Sr. Elise Grant, which will be used for English as a Second Language courses.
  7. Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation awarded Santa Maria $5,000 for general operating support.